Oct 2, 2011

濁朗 (Darkraw) in October

Out from this site for two months, but thought I should use more.

Oct 6, thursday @ Koiwa BUSHBASH
with; Rikiya Daimon + 濁朗 (Darkraw), Ameri b.c、NANRAKA、disk-3、ヨシマチ(pikamachi x ヨシノ/cps)
19:00/19:30 1000yen/1300yen (+1drink order)

Oct 13, thursday @ Koiwa BUSHBASH
"deaf vandalism"
with; kiyasu orchestra、VAU!、UHHA、シネ
19:00/19:30 1000yen/1300yen(+1drink order)

Oct 23, sunday @ 埼玉丸木美術館 (Maruki Art Museum, Saitama)
with + (plus; 濁朗, 南阿豆), etc
2011/14:00- Opening

Oct 28, friday @ Kokubunji Morgana
with; 濁朗+BARA (Goum)+Miyabe (ENDON), スカルボ, Tropen, CDR+ngtkntr+Smn, Machan (Jadoo、Electro Humangel) , and+1 more band
Time and price; TBA

As for lowlife surfer;
Oct 14 friday @ Inaoi-Za, Koenji
Oct 20 thursday @ Earthdom, Shin-Okubo

Nov 5, saturday @ Club Doctor, Shinjuku
"Psychic Managerie"
with; 濁朗 (Darkraw)、L'eclipse Nue、小川直人 (Naoto Ogawa)、Sleeping Beauty、おまわりさん (Omawarisan)、Jadoo、Sete Star Sept、シャナイキンカン (Shanaikinkan)、Planet Pressure Point、対 (Tsui)、Dead Pan Speakers、Sithter、押しまわし (Oshimawashi; ex-Yurayura Teikoku & Muddy Frankenstein)、and one more band.
Circuit bending workshop by 23N
Food stand by Spice Addict
Time and price; TBA

See you soon!

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