Jan 25, 2012

Jan 16, 2012


February is gong to be a whole new world for me.

濁朗 (Darkraw) + Cedric Thimon France/Germany TOUR!!!

-2 feb: PARIS at "La Gare experimentale"
-3 feb : LE MANS at "L'Austral bar"
-4 feb: CAEN at "le Préau" organized by
-5 feb : RENNES at "Le Terminus" organized by
- 7 feb :BERLIN at RAW Tempel (der küste bar)
-9 feb: ANGERS at "La Conserverie"
-10 feb.:NANTES at Pannonica (big place for jazz....)

Feb 15th with Kiyasu Orchestra @ Yellow Vision, Asagaya
Feb 17th as 濁朗 with 園田游 @ 20000 Denatsu, Koenji
Feb 22th with Zothique @ Earthdom, Shinjuku
Feb 26th as 濁朗 with Abe M Aria @ Special Colors, Arai Yakushi

Hope to meet you soon!!

Jan 4, 2012

was I

high last year?

partly yes, and partly no.

But knowing that there are people I can hang around,
that's the most valuable thing last year.

I put a rest on one band right now since I got few things i want to do in my mind.
Hope it goes well.

Ah!! I'll go to France in February!!
Dates are coming up!

Schedule for January;

Jan 8th, with ZOTHIQUE (ex- Holy&Blight) @ DOM Studio, Koenji
Jan 9th with Kiyasu Orchestra @ Flying Teapot, Egota
Jan 13th as 濁朗 (Darklaw) @ Morgana, Kokubunji
Jan 15th as 濁朗 (Darklaw) @ Bar Ten, Koenji
Jan 21st as 濁朗 (Darklaw) @ What's Up, Uguisudani
Jan 29th as 濁朗 (Darklaw) @ Bullet's, Roppongi

Hope this year will be a good one for everyone.