Mar 23, 2012

ZOTHIQUE 1st album

1st album of ZOTHIQUE has been released from Grindcore Karaoke.

This is free download release.
Please feel free to download and enjoy!!

Next live shows for ZOTHIQUE will as below.
April 11, @ Earthdom, Shin Okubo
April 29, @ Studio DOM, Koenji

Hope to see you soon.

Mar 16, 2012


Psychic Menagerie, Issue 9: Matinée (精神の動物園)
April 8 (sun)
@ Art Bar TEN, Koenji
13:30/14:00 1000yen
with; Astro + Manuel Knapp/Spore Spawn (from Niigata)/濁朗/L'eclipse Nue/中村ゆい+河野円/CDR/Jahiliyyah/Ssssss......

Psychic Menagerie, Issue 10: Matinée (精神の動物園)
May 26 (sat)
with; 濁朗/L'eclipse Nue/シャナイキンカン/Makoto Oshiro/ファンシーナムナム

Live appearances;

濁朗 (Darkaraw)
March 28, @ Jet Robot, Harajuku
April 21, @ Ongaku-kan, Takada no Baba; with ATARAW & Yu Sonoda

April 11, @ Earthdom, Shin Okubo
April 29, @ Studio DOM, Koenji

Kiyasu Orchestra
March 23, @ Bush Bash, Koiwa
April 25, @ Wildside, Shinjuku

Zothique and 濁朗 (Darklaw) will have download releases from GRINDCORE KARAOKE.

Also Zothique will be touring Korea this July.

Update is to be announced.

Mar 5, 2012

one live

I thought I didn't have any live show this month,
but confirmed one, so this will be it.

March 7th, "The Meeting vol.8"
@ Flying Teapot, Egota
open 18:00 start 18:30

濁朗 (Darkraw)

Member from Kiyasu Orchestra will be performing each month with their solo or play session as duo!!

Also there will be a news coming up soon.