Mar 16, 2012


Psychic Menagerie, Issue 9: Matinée (精神の動物園)
April 8 (sun)
@ Art Bar TEN, Koenji
13:30/14:00 1000yen
with; Astro + Manuel Knapp/Spore Spawn (from Niigata)/濁朗/L'eclipse Nue/中村ゆい+河野円/CDR/Jahiliyyah/Ssssss......

Psychic Menagerie, Issue 10: Matinée (精神の動物園)
May 26 (sat)
with; 濁朗/L'eclipse Nue/シャナイキンカン/Makoto Oshiro/ファンシーナムナム

Live appearances;

濁朗 (Darkaraw)
March 28, @ Jet Robot, Harajuku
April 21, @ Ongaku-kan, Takada no Baba; with ATARAW & Yu Sonoda

April 11, @ Earthdom, Shin Okubo
April 29, @ Studio DOM, Koenji

Kiyasu Orchestra
March 23, @ Bush Bash, Koiwa
April 25, @ Wildside, Shinjuku

Zothique and 濁朗 (Darklaw) will have download releases from GRINDCORE KARAOKE.

Also Zothique will be touring Korea this July.

Update is to be announced.

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