Jun 29, 2011



I got my own time.
Got been busy with improvised gigs, solos, bands, reocordings, and demonstrations.

Good that I'm having so much things to do.
However last month I decided to sort out how many live & others that I've been doing with calendar,
and finally realized that I'm doing too many shows!

Thus I'm going to decrease my shows again.
Well I still got so much fun to do anyway!

Oh by the way, I've uploaded my live show in June 24th.
It is downloadable until end of July.

Also I've recorded Anarcho-punk band, THE HAPPENING,
and their track will be in compilation against Anti-Nuclear Plant in Fukushima.

These bands also form a group called Human Recovery Project,
and they voluntarily bringing food and goods to Fukushima.
Please do support them.

And here are the shows on July;
July 7th, Holy&Blight @ Earthdom, Shin-Okubo, Tokyo
July 9th, 濁朗 (Darkraw), Holy&Blight, & Kiyasu Orchestra in "COSMO" @ Studio DOM, Koenji, Tokyo
July 10th, 濁朗 (Darkraw) in "13FM" @ Cave246, Ikejuri-Ohashi, Tokyo
July 21st, lowlife surfer @Earthdom, Shin-Okubo, Tokyo
July 22nd, + (plus; 濁朗 & 南阿豆 azu minami) in "盛る濁な" @ Morgana, Kokubunji, Tokyo
July 31st, 濁朗 (Darkraw) with 神戸智浩 (Tomohiro Kanbe) in "live music" @ Flying Teapot, Egota, Tokyo

Hope to see you soon.

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