Mar 2, 2011





3/9(水) session with Negi (Kora Kora), 土肥ぐにゃり (鵺院) @ 地球屋, 国立
3/14(月) Holy & Blight @ Earthdom, 新大久保
3/23(水) low life surfer @ Earthdom, 新大久保
3/29(火) 峰 (Mine) @ Earthdom, 新大久保
4/3(日) 濁朗 (Darkraw) @ What's Up, 鶯谷
4/5(火) Holy & Blight @ Earthdom, 新大久保

Holy & Blightミックス中!!4月にCD発売予定!!

This year is like I'm in a jetcoaster more than ever,
and seems that my head has gotten used to that speed than before.

I think.

Well at least I'm more honest with my music and my people than years ago.

Am I?

濁朗(Darkraw) live schedule;
March 9th, session with Negi (Kora Kora), 土肥ぐにゃり (Gunyari Doi) (鵺院 Nueinn) @ 地球屋 Chikyu-Ya, Kunitachi
March 14th, Holy & Blight @ Earthdom, Shin-Okubo
March 23rd, low life surfer @ Earthdom, Shin-Okubo
March 29th, 峰 (Mine) @ Earthdom, Shin-Okubo
April 3rd, 濁朗 (Darkraw) @ What's Up, Uguisu-Dani
April 5th, Holy & Blight @ Earthdom, Shin-Okubo

Holy & Blight on mix now, and will be released in April!!

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