Apr 7, 2011


Let's go out and demonstrate!!
in Koenji, Tokyo
April 10th

Just got tired of those assholes up on top.

And here's my live schedule for near future.
Hope to see you there too.

April 19, 濁朗 (Darkraw) in session in "忘れたいのに思い出せない 国分寺編 vol.2"
      @Morgana, Kokubunji w/浅野廣太郎、カワイヒトシ、永井昆布、小池実、なかおちさと、etc
April 23, 濁朗 (Darkraw) @Studio DOM, Koenji w/tba
April 25, Kiyasu Orchestra @Bush Bash, Koiwa w/tba
April 28, 濁朗 (Darkraw)'s event "モル濁な" Holy&Blight @Morgana, Kokubunji
      w/dot (.), Mone¥ I$ God, le'clipse nue
May 4, Kiyasu Orchestra /tba
May 6, lowlife surfer @Clop Clop, Nishi Ogikubo w/Jet Lag Cutters
May 12, 濁朗 (Darkraw)'s event "モル濁な" @Morgana, Kokubunji
      w/Deep Count, Sithter, vaju waju, Inside Charmer
May 13, lowlife surfer @Earthdom, Shin-Okubo w/tba
May 14, Holy&Blight @Morgana, Kokubunji w/Goum, etc
May 29, Holy&Blight @Studio DOM, Koenji w/tba

See ya!

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