Jun 1, 2010


No Japanese for this.
'Cause this diary may be offensive for some of people.

This time again.
The time to feel the flow.

It's always said that when a battery runs off,
other electric equipments go down just like they are meant to each;

well at least in Japan.

It's like that;
I'm beginning to hear alot of news of death,
then came alot of stories that people are getting insane, breaking up,
alot of words come from both side of the gutter.

It just ran me down 'til last year,
and everything was so quick and harsh that I couldn't make any move.
I couldn't because every move I make lead into another disaster.
A chain reaction.

Now I got over that a bit, but again atmosphere shows that it'll come again like last year.
Though I realized that I'm feeling more flat than before.
I'm just tired of listening too much, trying to recover what is not mine.

I'm not being numb.
I just got tired of feeling the pain.
I have to save my mind before anything.

That doesn't mean I don't feel love from others,
it's more like I want to feel real love of others,
thus I want to throw out the hatred and sadness that push me to the edge.
Also I want to walk toward what I want to love to.
That's more important for me than lower myself,
and let people run me down with their sadness and emptiness.

Besides they won't know why I get mad or get sad by it anyway.
Love and hate is in one whole circle, you know.

It's gonna be good.

From 19:30-
"Fashion Crisis"
@Koenji One
濁朗 (Darkraw) will be playing from 21:30-


From 17:00-5:00
"Koenji Freedom v2"
@Studio DOM, Koenji
See the flyer for details, or

The time for 濁朗 had been changed to 3:00 from 4:00, same place.

This magazine will be on sale too.
Darklaw is featured with one painting and one track.


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